Huntsville & Decatur

Visions of Veterans - Patriot's Mosaic

November 11, 2018 in Huntsville , AL

Following Veteran's Day Parade


Finding honored veterans on the Patriot's Mosaic

Unless otherwise stated, photos provided by Visions of Veterans - Patriot's Mosaic
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The EarlyWorks Family of Museums, the Visions of Vets Patriot’s Mosaic honors those who have served our country as a member of the armed forces. The Patriot’s Mosaic is produced in part through a partnership with the Madison County Commission. The images that have been submitted for the Patriot’s Mosaic Project are a cross section of our country’s military history and represent all branches of service and many of the wars and conflicts the USA has been a part of since the Revolutionary War. More important than the branch of service or the time each served are the stories of the veterans represented in these photographs. These are the faces of freedom…Americans who sacrificed all that was asked by their country in the building of this great nation. Include your veteran in this unique artistic tribute. We accept photo submissions year-round—submissions received between November 12th and September 30th will be included in the next November 11th Mosaic