Birmingham & Tuscaloosa

Two Henrys

March 15, 2019 to March 17, 2019 in Birmingham , AL

Matinee and Evening Performances

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Two Henrys
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Fifteen years after the death of his partner from AIDS-related illness, fortysomething New Yorker Henry learns of the death of his would-be father-in-law and travels to Florida for the funeral, ambushing his partner’s mother and sister with well-meaning, if audacious, kindness in their time of grief. In the house that he was never welcomed to visit before, conversations bitter, tender and revealing transpire between a man who needs a mother, a mother who needs a son and a sister who seems to only need a drink. A humor-laced drama about familial silence, implacable grief, Midwestern temperaments and what we’re afraid to talk about. A glimpse at what happened between the dusk of the worst of the AIDS crisis and the dawn of marriage equality.