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The Great Escape: River Run from Crockett

The Great Escape: River Run from Crockett

Oct 16th 20217 AM

In remembrance of 208th anniversary of the residents of Black Warrior Town escaping the Tennessee Militia, Sipsey Heritage is hosting The Great Escape: River Run from Crockett. The Race will begin near the center of the former Black Warrior Town, and it will end in present day Cordova. The race commemorates this event by traveling the same stretch of river the Creeks took all those years ago to get to safety.

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    The Great Escape: River Run from Crockett

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    • 5840 Sipsey Road
    • Empire, AL 35063


    Beginning at The Forks near Sipsey and ending at Disney Lake in Cordova, this event traces the route Muscogee (Creek) Indians of Black Warrior Town used to escape the the 800 members Tennessee Militia. October 15, 2021 Early Race Packet Pick Up: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at The Forks behind T&R Grocery (The Sipsey Texaco) 5840 Sipsey Road, Empire, AL 35063, USA. (Packets can be picked up on race day as well. Packets include: your number for yourself and your boat, a wrist band that will get you some perks at the end of the race, and other swag.) October 16, 2021 6:00 - 6:45: Drop off boats and gear at The Forks behind T&R Grocery (The Sipsey Texaco) 5840 Sipsey Road, Empire, AL 35063, USA. 7:00 am: Park at Disney Landing (Lake) in Cordova, AL 35550, USA and be shuttled back to the start line at The Forks. 7:45 am: Boats in the water (life jacket required). 8:00 am: Starting gun is fired and the race begins!


    Empire is located in the Bankhead & Sipsey Wilderness Area of the North Alabama Region


    $40 per racer; $20 for T-Shirts

    Payments Accepted


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