Huntsville & Decatur

The Art of Mail Workshop

June 20, 2018 in Huntsville , AL

2 PM - 4 PM

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by The Art of Mail Workshop
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Workshop description from the instructor: I will provide a brief artist talk about correspondence art; giving the students a chance to see my personal correspondences as well as placing the work into a historical context. Included in the talk will be a conversation about concepts such a home, place and community and how we define each.. After the talk, I will walk the participants through demonstrations that will allow each participant to create a special mail piece to send to someone important to them. Several techniques will be introduced including folding paper to become a special “origami” envelope, a collage card with envelope and several books that can be simply made to be used to hold messages and letters. In addition to the talk and workshop, I will also provide information to the audience of how they could connect into a world-wide network of artists exhibiting and corresponding through the mail.