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RXR Fest

RXR Fest

May 27th 2022 - May 28th 20226:30 -9:30 p.m.

Over the past 7 years, RXR Fest has seen the likes of The Bank Walkers, The Pine Hill Haints, Martha's Trouble, Sweet Tea Trio, Atlus Road Crew, Ben Sutton, Raquel Lily, Jordy Searcy, Belle Adair, The Lamont Landers Band, Tyler Mac, Locust Fork Band, Andrew Weaver, Jonathan Bloom, AJ Ghent, Adam Hood and others on the Green Stage at Russell Crossroads. Bring your cooler, your lawn chair, your pet (On A LEASH PLEASE) your friends, family, or come alone and make new friends to Russell Crossroads for the RXR Fest. It's FREE and you'll hear great music from local musicians, regional musicians, and national acts too!! It's a lot of fun and did we mention that it is FREE!! Join us on the Town Green at Russell Crossroads, you don't want to miss out!!

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    RXR Fest

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    Russell Crossroads
    • 17 Russell Farms Road
    • Alexander City, AL 35010


    Inside of Russell Crossroads, State Highway 63 South of Alexander City, AL


    Alexander City is located in the Lake Martin & Horseshoe Bend Area of the Central Alabama Region

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