Birmingham & Tuscaloosa

Rickie Lee Jones with special guest Anders Osborne

September 30, 2018 in Birmingham , AL


Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Rickie Lee Jones with special guest Anders Osborne
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Two-time Grammy winner Rickie Lee Jones exploded onto the pop scene in 1978 and has made a career of fearlessly experimenting with her sound and persona over 15 critically acclaimed albums. Rickie is both a character in the songs and the songwriter singing, defying convention with her sometimes-brazen sexuality and the mixed bag of jazz, rock and what has come to be known as ‘confessional’ songwriter performances. “Every word she writes and sings seems earned. Her songs are cunning and serious or playful and exuberant but always carefully made…[Jones expresses] a human truth: over time, we cannot be other than ourselves.” –The New Yorker