Lookout Mountain

Rappel Master Certification Class

April 30, 2018 to May 03, 2018 in Fort Payne , AL

10am on Mon- 8pm on Thurs


Rappel Master Certification Class- True Adventure Sports - 60-hour class This class reviews rappelling basics, advanced rappelling, rescue rappelling, and tactical rappelling then covers instructor level rappel procedures. Learn each rigging type, advanced rescue hauls, alternate knots, the role of a rappel master, their protocols, additional gear, and instructor belaying. You will also do several instructor rappels, instructor level changeovers, staged rescues, silent entry inverted rappels, Australian rappels, and fast rope before returning to the store for the rappelling test and knot exam. (Private groups are subject to a 3-person minimum) Meet at T.A.S. Training Center $395/person.