Montgomery Zoo Super Hero Education Program

Nov 2nd10am-12noon

Be a super hero and participate in one of the Montgomery Zoo's newest Education programs. Dress up as your favorite super hero and see what you may have in common with some of the animals at the Zoo. Learn about how our rhino is much like Ironman protected by an armored, iron suit. Or is the rhino more like the Hulk? Strong, powerful, and crashing into anything in his way? Superman can soar and has the super vision like an eagle. Elastgirl from The Incredibles has the ability to stretch tall and far. Hmmmm... much like giraffes with their long necks. Are pygmy hippos akin to Aquaman? He can remain underwater for great lengths of time, swim at tremendous speeds, and telepathically communicate with sea life. Wonder Woman uses here lasso of truth and superhuman strength just like a python squeezing to win battles over her enemies. Learn about these super heroes and how their super powers compare to many of the animals that reside at the Montgomery Zoo. This program is geared for boys and girls, ages 4-12 years old. All participants are encouraged to wear this favorite super hero costume and show off their super powers.

    Montgomery Zoo Super Hero Education Program

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