Lookout Mountain

Hike of 7 Waterfalls

May 17, 2019 in Fort Payne , AL

10am - 1pm


Hike of Seven Waterfalls – Northeast Alabama up to 7 hours The Hike of Seven Waterfalls is a hiking trip that includes hiking, swimming, Bouldering, sightseeing, survival, teambuilding, waterfalls, and just plain fun. You will need to bring a small backpack, compass, flashlight, change of socks, change of clothes, camera, trail mix, water, small first aid kit, and swimsuit. We offer three different versions of this amazing hike. Level I is $37.50/person and lasts 3 hours; Level II is $48.50/person and lasts 4.5 hours; Level III is $67.50/person and lasts 6-7 hours.