Huntsville & Decatur

Grandma Moses: Visions of America

November 15, 2014 to March 01, 2015 in Huntsville , AL


Grandma Moses’s bucolic landscapes of sturdy farm buildings, rolling hills, and small, simply rendered figures evoke a world that existed primarily in her imagination. She painted simple pictures, scenes of family, church and community displaying the virtues of honesty and hard work which in her mind made America great. Grandma Moses felt strongly that art should only show pleasant scenes and subjects, asking, “What’s the use of painting a picture if it isn’t something nice?” A self-taught artist, Moses adapted landscape compositions from greeting cards, magazine clippings, photographs, prints (such as Currier and Ives), or she imagined scenes from stories she had read. She described painting outdoors as “impracticable” and focused instead on “whatever the mind may produce.” Grandma Moses: Visions of America features approximately 24 original paintings by this legendary American artist, borrowed from institutional collections nationwide and Galerie St. Etienne, New York, the gallery that has represented Grandma Moses since 1940. Organized by HMA.