Huntsville & Decatur

Georges Rouault: Cirque de L’Etoile Filante

November 08, 2014 to January 11, 2015 in Huntsville , AL


The world of the circus has always interested French artist Georges Rouault with its contrast of superficial brightness and the sadness of circus life. In 1917, Rouault entered into an exclusive relationship with Parisian art dealer Ambrose Vollard and this collaboration proved to be one of the most productive in the history of printmaking. The two produced several notable portfolios including Cirque de l’Etoile Filante (Circus of the Shooting Stars). The images in this exhibition strip away the “spangles” of the clown’s costume and reveal the “reflection of paradise lost.” Seventeen color etchings with aquatint introduce the portfolio, followed by selected wood engravings that illustrate the text, also written by Rouault.