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Come Home, It's Suppertime - Fall 2022

Come Home, It's Suppertime - Fall 2022

Nov 3rd 2022 - Nov 12th 20226:30

Perhaps you’ve heard your grandma tell stories about sittin’ up with the dead, about beatin’ the blackberry bushes to run off snakes or meetin’ the rollin’ store. Maybe you’ve heard your grandpa talk about hog killin’ time or fightin’ the demons of the cotton field, plowin’ behind a stubborn ol’ mule or makin’ moonshine whiskey. Well, when you “Come Home” to supper at the We Piddle Around Theater, you can pull up a chair, grab a chicken leg and a baked sweet tater and listen to a bushel of stories and tap your toes to the music ’til they’re just about too tired to walk you on home.

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    Come Home, It's Suppertime - Fall 2022

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    We Piddle Around Theater
    • 102 South Main Street, Brundidge, AL 36010, USA
    • Brundidge, AL 36010


    At the intersection of Hwy 93/N Main St and SA Graham Blvd/SR 10


    Brundidge is located in the Lake Eufaula & The Red Hills Area of the South Alabama Region



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