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Civil Rights History -The Church, Children & Community

Civil Rights History -The Church, Children & Community

Oct 22nd 2021 - Dec 31st 202210:30


The Crusaders for Civil Rights -The Church, The Children and The Community, Birmingham, AL Tour is a historical American story many will never forget. This tour tells the story of the evangelistic support in Birmingham and of the crusade for LOVE - the greatest commandment. We will explore the crusade of the brave children who marched for all our futures and the involvement of the business community that culminated in the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. There are stories and activities that would make you want to cry and others that would make you laugh as our country continues to heal together.

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You can plan to arrive 30 minutes early if you'd like to explore the area and check out some Freedom Line merchandise

What To Bring:

Please note, this is a walking tour! Be sure to wear comfy shoes and anything you might need to protect you from the elements, including hats, sunscreen and rain gear if needed. You're also welcome to bring snacks or drinks in your own bags, and strolled if needed.

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    Civil Rights History -The Church, Children & Community

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