Birmingham & Tuscaloosa

Bruce Hornsby

November 03, 2017 in Birmingham , AL


Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Bruce Hornsby
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Bruce Hornsby has built one of the most diverse, collaborative and adventurous careers in contemporary music whose wide-ranging collaborations have included working with Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Ornette Coleman and film director Spike Lee, among others. Drawing from a vast wellspring of American musical traditions, Bruce has created a large and accomplished body of work and employed a vast array of stylistic approaches. Throughout this period, Hornsby has maintained the integrity, virtuosity and artistic curiosity that have been hallmarks of his work from the start. “…Hornsby is by all accounts a patient artist, one whose earthy, unassuming music perennially finds a new audience.” – NPRmusic “No amount of practice can replace the natural connection that Hornsby seems to possess with the very heart of music itself. Each inflection, each note seems to be informed from a higher plane or a deeper part of the soul than most can reach.” – Live for Live Music