Huntsville & Decatur

Artist Talk with Merrilee Challiss

February 02, 2019 in Huntsville , AL


Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Artist Talk with Merrilee Challiss

Artist Talk with Merrilee Challiss Main Gallery 2211 Seminole Drive Huntsville, AL 35805 256-655-0179 From the artist: Living through and partly the cause of the sixth mass extinction on the Earth, I like so many others waking up have gotten a case of the Anthropocene blues. These days I am interested in / motivated by the following questions: What is the artist’s role in society? How can art be used to show that everything is connected and interdependent? How can art raise consciousness? How can art call into question the quality of the aspirations of our species? My responses to and meditations on these inquiries manifest in the form of images, objects, and installations. For me the answers lie in the liminal realms and unseen worlds. My work practice is in part synchro-mystic spiritual remediation, a way of looking to the past (McKenna’s “archaic recursion”) in order to bring that wisdom to the present to repair the broken bond between man and nature and the spirit realms so that we may alter our future for a better outcome. The knowledge that everything going forward must be either an elegy for what we have lost (biodiversity, habitat, etc.) or a celebration of what we have left — propels me forward, toggling between joy and grief. I try to make work that engages with the unseen realms, that asks big questions, alludes to bigger mysteries, while fostering a connection and conversation about these ideas with the audience. My artistic aims are aspirational: 1) to elevate the divine feminine to re-enchant the world 2) to promote the evolution of consciousness 4) to show that everything is connected so that we can begin to heal ourselves and heal the world. I believe that artists can and do serve as tenders and menders of what is broken in society and can function as portals to the imaginal realms (the great generative, cosmic womb) so that we may begin to birth a new vision for what future world we want to build for ourselves.