“A Musical Evening With Kodi Lee” Presented by DRR

“A Musical Evening With Kodi Lee” Presented by DRR

February 29th, 20247:00 P.M.

Disability Rights & Resources (DRR) is pleased to announce A Musical Evening with Kodi Lee at Boutwell Auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 29! Experience the musical talents of America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 14 Winner and Golden Buzzer recipient Kodi Lee as he takes the stage for his first performance in the Southeast. Beginning at 7 p.m., DRR is bringing Lee to Birmingham from his current headlining position on AGT Superstars LIVE at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and participation on the current season of AGT Fantasy League. The evening will be one full of music and inspiration! Proceeds from the Kodi Lee show will help DRR establish the organization’s first fully ADA-equipped Next Step Resource Center.

Lee is a 27-year-old musical prodigious savant – one of only about 25 in the world. With over 432 million views and counting online, his Golden Buzzer performance became the most viral audition in AGT history, leading him to win the entire season. Lee’s incredible talent and inspirational journey serve as a powerful reminder that disabilities don’t have to be barriers to achieving one’s dreams. Since he was a very young child, music has been a huge part of Lee’s life. His passion and love for music and performing has only grown stronger through the years, shaping him into the person he is today. Lee is also blind and autistic, which has presented many other challenges in life, but has never held him back from his dreams– playing the piano, singing and performing in front of thousands of fans. Being a prodigious savant has given him a photographic memory with music, and the library of songs in his mental repertoire is in the thousands and continues to grow. His range of music is endless, ranging from R&B, soul, hip hop, rock and roll, pop, country, oldies, alternative and classical. There are no boundaries when it comes to music and his ability to retain everything he hears.


The purpose of the Resource Center is to show the capabilities of a home that supports independent living. DRR aims to encourage and foster the hope for the future of people with disabilities to be able to live independently. The Resource Center is designed to fall in line with the mission of DRR, and the universal design, also called barrier-free design, focuses on making the house safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, physical ability, or stature. Each room will have accessible features to make independent living more equitable, flexible, and intuitive, promoting a lifestyle of hope and freedom within one’s home.

For additional details about DRR, please visit https://www.drradvocates.org/. To buy tickets to A Musical Evening with Kodi Lee, please visit https://www.drradvocates.org/kodi-lee-live/.

    “A Musical Evening With Kodi Lee” Presented by DRR

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