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27th Annual Bob Marley Jerk Chicken Festival

27th Annual Bob Marley Jerk Chicken Festival

Jun 9th 2023 - Jun 10th 2023Friday, Noon- 11 p.m.; Saturday, Noon-6 p.m.

Enjoy A Taste of The Caribbean!  Come Party and Dance with Live Music and DJ

The Kickoff on Friday will feature Alabama State Representative Mary Moore as the guest speaker, followed by live bands and DJs and a showcase of local music talent.

Inner Circle is the featured band.  Also performing will be Elain Hudson, Root Posse Band, Ras Kronik, Carson Elmore, Vince Fabra, Chris Davis, Chase Mote, and Sterling Brother's Band.

Also, come out and purchase goods and products from Vendors.  

A RSVP is needed to reserve VIP seating.  Vendor space available ($200 for 10' x 10' space).   To purchase tickets and vendor space, go to our website RSILTV.COM. For more information, call 205 267-3673.

    27th Annual Bob Marley Jerk Chicken Festival

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