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Explore the many amazing road trips Alabama has to offer.
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Road Trip No. 41 Mentone: A Mountaintop Treasure

Nestled among the woodlands atop the western brow of Lookout Mountain, the historic and scenic village of Mentone hosts antiques stores, arts and crafts shops, galleries and restaurants. The Lookout Mountain Parkway is known for its beautiful waterfalls and great white-water kayaking.

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Road Trip No. 42 Lineville & Ashland: From Alabama’s Highest Point to Its Hills of Gold

On this road trip, you will start on a mountaintop at Cheaha State Park and travel down to the valley. Along the way you can ride horses, pan for gold and drive beautiful back roads to reach the small towns of Lineville and Ashland.

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Road Trip No. 43 Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee Road Trip

Visitors to Tuskegee, located in Macon County in east-central Alabama, will discover a myriad of reasons why Lionel Richie is proud to call the small town where he grew up “home.”

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Road Trip No. 44 Alabama’s Gulf Coast: Fresh Catch and Fairways

Alabama’s Gulf Coast is a destination that combines rest and relaxation with some of the best golfing and fishing around.

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Road Trip No. 45 Historic House Museums of Mobile

From the grand Bragg-Mitchell Mansion to the simple Portier House, the historic house museums of Mobile are sure to provide a memorable experience for those who love history, architecture and a good story.

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Road Trip No. 46 Athens’ Southern Splendor

From history and food to Southern hospitality, Athens has it all. Athens is a small city in North Alabama with a charming downtown square full of history.

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Road Trip No. 47 Blount County: The Covered Bridge Capital of Alabama

Three of Alabama’s 11 covered bridges can be found in Blount County, nestled into the curves of both roads and rivers, making this county the Covered Bridge Capital of Alabama.

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Road Trip No. 48 Scottsboro: Claim the Treasures

Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains on 69,000-acre Lake Guntersville, Scottsboro is a treasure-trove of adventure. Here you can tour a quaint museum that chronicles the early history of the Civil Rights Movement in America, see the courthouse where the Scottsboro Boys Trials took place in the 1930s, and enjoy premier outdoor recreation, such as bird-watching, boating, camping, fishing and golfing.

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Road Trip No. 49 Alabama's Historic State Capitals Tour

Alabama has had five state capitals, including St. Stephens, Huntsville, Cahawba, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery. Take a tour throughout the state discovering the history behind these important cities.

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Road Trip No. 50 Your Island Getaway: Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. A natural environment surrounded by the beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, this small barrier island is set apart by white sand beaches, walking trails, bountiful wildlife and lots of history.

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Road Trip No. 51 Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys

Take a 110-mile journey through scenic northeastern Alabama to visit train depots and courthouses in Stevenson, Scottsboro, Decatur and Athens, where the saga of the Scottsboro Boys case played out over seven years.

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Road Trip No. 52 Pike County: Art, Pioneers, Peanut Butter and More

There’s a lot to love about Pike County, which is just east of Alabama’s capital city and includes the cities of Troy and Brundidge. Discover an emerging arts scene, the pioneering spirit of the past, a top-ranked university, antiques, an annual peanut butter party and more.

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Road Trip No. 53 Racing, Riding and Building America’s Wheels

From the first crank of an engine, America fell in love with the automobile. Throughout Alabama, testimonials to our devotion abound in museums, on racetracks and in manufacturing facilities.

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Road Trip No. 54 Muscle Shoals Is Rock ’n’ Roll Heaven

Thanks to the critically acclaimed Muscle Shoals documentary, music lovers are finding their way to the small town in northwestern Alabama where some of the world’s greatest hits were recorded.

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Road Trip No. 55 Create Your Own Classroom on Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Discover a whole different state of learning along Alabama’s 32 miles of white sand and blue waterways. These waterfront classrooms offer core subjects to enrich any student’s curriculum.

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Road Trip No. 56 Crave the Coast: A Gulf-Side Trip for Food Lovers

Next time you visit the pristine beaches of Alabama’s beautiful Gulf Coast, up the culinary ante with the delicious destinations and dishes the area has to offer.

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Road Trip No. 57 Old Mill Towns of Alabama: Valley, Lanett and Beyond

Get ready to travel to the sites of several old mill towns, visit a Civil War fort that straddles the Alabama/Georgia line, explore birding sites and lakes and visit a town that honors sports hero Joe Louis, World Boxing Heavyweight Champion from 1937 to 1949.

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Road Trip No. 58 Coasting Through History: Forts, Fishermen, Legends and Adventure Along Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Today, you can tour the forts that defended Mobile and walk beaches trod by swashbucklers and explorers. You can also learn the amazing stories of seafarers, farmers and fishermen who also make up the coast’s history.

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Road Trip No. 59 Wetumpka: Land of Rumbling Waters

Nestled in the heart of Elmore County and wrapped in the flowing waters of the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers, Wetumpka holds many treasures often overlooked by visitors and passersby.

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Road Trip No. 60 Elkmont: Goat Cheese Heaven

Elkmont is best known as the home of an internationally acclaimed goat cheese maker. It is also a place to explore Civil War history, pick, grin and dance the night away at an old railroad depot, or listen to country music by Nashville entertainers inside a little red caboose.

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