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A professional fishing service specializing in year-round crappie fishing on Weiss Lake. Lake Weiss is a 30,200 acre impoundment located in Cherokee County Alabama and is known as the "Crappie Capital of the World". With a 10 inch size limit that gives us a good population of quality fish that has earned its name over the years. If you want a professional guide service and a day filled with great crappie action, give us a call and make your reservation today. Feel free to check out our web site and email us if you have any questions about our guide service or Weiss Lake. When fishing with us we provide all bait, live or artificial as well as fishing equipment. We us a variety of different methods for catching slab sized crappie, from long line trolling in the spring of the year to spider rigging brush and river channel ledges in the summer and fall, we work hard to keep up with year round crappie movement. If you are planning a trip to the Weiss Lake area and would like a professionally guided crappie trip, give us a call. February thru May is a great time to plan your crappie fishing trip. The fishing is also great in the fall of the year October thru mid December, some of our biggest slabs are caught in the fall crappie fishing season.

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Weiss Lake Guides
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