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Veterans Skate Park

Outdoor Recreation Site in Alabaster

Veterans Skate Park features the following:
Bowl; 8 Stair Handrail; 5 Stair Handrail; 3 Stair with Hubba; Picnic Tables; Bleachers.
The air conditioned/heated office includes the following: TV and Game System; Couches; Vending Machine (requires money); Drink Machine (requires money).
Fee to skate: weekdays - $1 per day; weekends - $2 per day.

For more information visit:

Veterans Skate Park
7305 Alabama 119
Alabaster, AL 35007
Hours of Operation
  • Wed-Sat 12pm-8pm; Sun 1pm-8pm
  • Weekdays: $1 per day; Weekends: $2 per day
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Alabaster Skate Park

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Veterans Skate Park
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