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Since opening in September 2012, the makers market has grown the strong sense of community in Tuscaloosa. It functions as an outlet for lively crafters and artists in the area, offering a fantastic shopping experience for a variety of wants and needs.

Our goal at the makers market is to provide an inviting storefront where local artists and crafters can display and sell their items without the time commitment and expense of running their own store. the makers market itself is a locally owned shop located in a large, historic building in Downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The charm of our arts and crafts is complimented by the original brick walls and hardwood floors that surround those crafts. Your support for local businesses is appreciated, and we invite you to come shop with us.

Items include (but are not limited to): furniture, paintings, quilts, afghans, fine woven goods, jewelry, pottery, drawings, natural soaps, children’s clothing, baby goods, hair bows, home decorations, crosses and other religious items, duck and turkey calls, knit caps, scarfs, glass etching, UA memorabilia, cane baskets, and folk art.

Wheelchair Accessible

For more information visit:

the makers market
401 22nd Ave
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

We invite you!

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