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The Ballard House

Historic Site in Birmingham

The Ballard House, constructed in the first half of the 20th century in Birmingham as a medical office and residence (one of few surviving live-work structures) for Dr. Edward H. Ballard and his family. Built on the foundation of Ballard’s previous home/office, dating back to 1908, the current building was designed and completed by African-American contractor Leroy Gaillord in 1940. The history of the building and the surrounding community is rich. It includes serving as a meeting place for the civic, service, and social networking of African-American organizations in Birmingham who were barred from gathering in so many areas of the city. That heritage also encompasses the legacy of African-American physicians, such as Dr. Ballard, Dr. Dodson Curry and Dr. Herschell Hamilton, and Dr. Ross Gardner, among many others.

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The Ballard House
1420 7th Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
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  • Wednesday-Saturday 10am-2pm
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