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Tally-Ho Restaurant


It was the custom of kings of "merrie olde" England to entertain guests with a fox hunt. The rider who saw the fox first would cry out, "Tallyho," and he would lead the chase. Soon the drivers of public chases would cry out "Tallyho" when they first saw their destination. The passengers showed their pleasure by echoing "Tallyho, Tallyho." Thus, "Tallyho" came to represent "the first, the best, the leader." By name and sign, Tallyho Restaurant proudly proclaims some of the best quality food and varied menu. Since the 1940s, the restaurant has changed owners a few times, but the quality of the food and the service has remained the same. Tally-Ho offers choice selections of steaks, seafood and chicken.

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Tally-Ho Restaurant
509 Magnum Ave.
Selma, AL 36701
Hours of Operation
  • Monday - Thursday 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Friday - Saturday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Famous Dishes

New York Strip

Though this fine dining restaurant has a storied history – from selling whiskey under the table to hosting horse shows and games of golf – today Tally-Ho is known for its original log cabin entrance, intricately decorated dining rooms and its popular New York strip. Known as the "steak lovers choice," Tally-Ho's New York strip is well seasoned and unbelievably tender. Cooked to your preference and served seared and juicy, you'll be back for this unforgettable steak experience again and again.