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Shelby Iron Works and Shelby Chemical Company

Historic Site in Shelby

Incredible history can be found in the most unobtrusive places. Such is the story of the Shelby Iron Works. Located near the geographic center of Alabama, in the small, quiet town of Shelby, lies the remains of Alabama’s largest charcoal blast furnace. These remains give scant evidence to the important role it played during the Civil War and Alabama’s fledgling iron industry. Despite operating for over half a century, this landmark would have faded in memory without the preservation efforts of the Historic Shelby Association.

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For more information visit:

Shelby Iron Works and Shelby Chemical Company
10268 Co Road 42
Shelby, AL 35143-0176
Hours of Operation
  • Site open to the public, 24/7
  • Admission to the park is FREE. Applicable fees may be charged during events
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Old Chimney ~ a structure of Shelby Iron Company

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