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Ricatoni's Italian Grill


Chicken and pasta, shrimp and pasta or lots of pizza that's Ricatoni's at its finest. This Italian restaurant is a popular spot for enjoying the flavor of Florence, particularly during the W.C. Handy Music Festival in late July and early August.

Ricatoni's Italian Grill
107 North Court St.
Florence, AL 35630
Hours of Operation
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Famous Dishes

Bread, Herbs & Olive Oil

Toasted and crunchy on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside, Ricatoni’s bread is the perfect start (and end) to any Italian meal. The bread is served freshly baked with fragrant herbs and smooth, rich olive oil. Customers continuously rave about it and find the simple, flavorful combination of bread, oil and herbs to be the perfect accompaniment to any and everything on Ricatoni’s menu.