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Pilgrim's Place


Pilgrim's Place Barbeque & Catering is a locally and family owned restaurant in the heart of Russellville, Alabama. Mouthwatering ribs are a crowd favorite, but Pilgrim's Place offers more than just BBQ.The chicken salad and made from scratch desserts are also on the restaurants signature dish list.

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Pilgrim's Place
1314 North Jackson Avenue
Russellville, AL 35653
Hours of Operation
  • Monday to Saturday - 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Famous Dishes

Chicken Salad

Pilgrim's Place, a small family owned restaurant which opened in June 1992 has been known for its hickory smoked barbecue and chicken. Many did not realize that Fred and Sue Pilgrim opened the restaurant for Mrs Sue to have a place to prepare food for various catering events.
One of the most popular items was Mrs Sue's chicken salad. Her unique blend of shredded chicken, pecans, sweet relish and spices has made Mrs Sue's chicken salad a must have item for weddings, dinners and brunches. The talk of Russellville, Alabama, Mrs Sue's chicken salad has been so popular that Pilgrim's Place sells it on the menu in plates and sandwiches. Pilgrim's Place keeps Mrs Sue's chicken salad in pints and quarts for a quick pick up item for families that frequent the restaurant.
After Fred and Sue retired their daughter, Melinda and her husband Rickey have continued the Pilgrim's Place tradition and have kept Mrs Sue's chicken salad in the restaurant for everyone to enjoy.