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Little River Canyon National Wildlife Preserve has some of the most beautiful and pristine waters in the state flowing through it. Little River Canyon National Preserve is the place that North Alabama Fly Fishing likes to call home. Although we fish many different areas and bodies of water, it holds a special place in our heart. The surrounding beauty is worth the trip alone not to mention the amazing fishing. Guests also have the chance of seeing many different types of wildlife along with the historical significance of the area. Fishing here can truly be phenomenal! We can fish areas that any guest can get to easily. If guests choose, we can hike down into the canyon or simply drive right up to the area to fish. North Alabama Fly Fishing is licensed and permitted to guide in Little River Canyon National Preserve by the National Park Service. We guide on many different streams around the state, no matter what type of fishing you might prefer to do. Wet wading the shallows of Lake Guntersville can be highly productive not to mention a fun and cooling day during the summer months. Other times, waders will be worn due to the colder waters. No matter what you might be after, there is a place and time of year that we can put you on the fish.

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