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Morgan County Celebration Arena

Arena in Priceville

Site of the Racking Horse Spring Celebration in April and the World Celebration each September. The Racking Horse Breeders Association and Celebration Arena is the perfect place for all types of events and occasions. With a 300-foot long oval floor area and seating for over 10,000 people, the arena is spacious enough for indoor track events, cultural festivals, flea markets, antique car shows and equipment auctions, as well as horse and animal shows. This indoor facility also features a concession area and vendor booths to help make your event successful. Accommodations for your event exhibitors and attendees are also readily available. There are 300 parking spaces and 35 acres around the arena that are easily accessible with horse trailer parking. There are 90 hook-ups available for campers and other recreational vehicles, complete with all the basic amenities. Also, there are more than 15 hotels and motels, located in the Decatur/Priceville area, offering a wide variety of comforts and services to meet any need.

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Morgan County Celebration Arena
67 Horse Center Rd.
Priceville, AL 35603
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