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Katy's Katfish


Katy's Katfish is located inside a rustic log cabin in Rainsville, known as the Crossroads of Sand Mountain. Locals and travelers alike sing the praises of the restaurant's fried catfish and chicken fingers.

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Katy's Katfish
1382 Main Street East
Rainsville, AL 35986
Hours of Operation
  • Monday- Sunday 11AM-8PM

Famous Dishes


Katy’s Katfish is a quaint little log cabin restaurant in Rainsville that serves up true country cooking. Here, guests are sure to enjoy a friendly wait staff, homey atmosphere and, of course, some of the best fried catfish the South has to offer. Huge fillets of catfish are either traditionally breaded or coated in a spicy Cajun batter and then fried to create a delightful crunch that customers love. The fillets come with Katy’s famous hush puppies.

Chicken Fingers

You can find chicken fingers at almost any restaurant in the state, but customers say that nothing compares to the tenders at Katy’s Katfish. These homemade chicken strips are breaded with a thick batter, then fried to perfection and served with Katy’s signature sweet-and-sour sauce. Customers love the sauce so much that Katy’s now bottles it for use it at home.

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Katy's Katfish
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