Goat Island on Lake Martin

Goat Island on Lake Martin

Goat Island located on beautiful Lake Martin is just what the name says...an island with goats. If you've never been, you can't miss this trip. Lots of kids...the kids that are cute and furry. Oh, but the other kids "children" are allowed to visit also. A couple of rules...you can't bring your other animals to visit (dogs, etc) and they have a diet like some of us do so they have special food for them. Other than that, go enjoy the day with these amazing little animals. Visit Goat Island

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Goat Island on Lake Martin
  • https://alabama-travel.s3.amazonaws.com/partners-uploads/photo/image/5d15322b3c7fd7533700097a/goat_island_1.png
  • https://alabama-travel.s3.amazonaws.com/partners-uploads/photo/image/5d15322b3c7fd7533700097c/goat_island_3.jpg
  • https://alabama-travel.s3.amazonaws.com/partners-uploads/photo/image/5d15322b3c7fd7533700097d/goat_island_and_claire.jpg
  • https://alabama-travel.s3.amazonaws.com/partners-uploads/photo/image/5d15322b3c7fd7533700097e/goat_island___auburn_baseball_team.jpg
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