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721 Broadway
Homewood, AL 35242
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Famous Dishes


GianMarco’s meat-filled lasagna is one reason the restaurant’s dining room stays full. A staple at any Italian restaurant, lasagna is a dish that varies by region. Chef Giani Respinto describes GianMarco's lasagna as a basic, Tuscan-style lasagna Bolognese. "Our family is from Tuscany, and we make the lasagna we're familiar with," he says, although he adds that they decided to create a lighter version than the one he grew up with.

A customer favorite, the dish contains ground beef, pork and veal. The sauce is made daily with San Marzano tomatoes from Italy, olive oil, white wine, basil and garlic. Layered with homemade pasta and topped with mozzarella, this lasagna contains no ricotta cheese. The Respintos use fine, select imported Italian ingredients as well as fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables and herbs that are locally and organically grown, including some herbs from a garden on site.