Fairhope Farm

Fairhope Farm


Fairhope Farm offers exclusive lodging for 4 adults/children in our farm stay accommodations. We also have a smaller room that accommodates 2 people. We offer a peaceful getaway from life while being minutes from Fairhope’s fine shopping. 251-895-9165 Our unique farm stay provides our guests with privacy and the opportunity to prepare their own meals at their convenience. Room include a full kitchen and full bath. No additional fees, rent and 7% lodging tax. No additional cleaning fee to guests who pick up after themselves. Don’t forget to schedule your personal farm tour where you can get up close and personal, learn about and feed our farm animals. Things are continuously changing with the seasons. We occasionally have pigs in the winter months that our guest can enjoy. We sometimes have milking goats where a guest can learn how and have the opportunity to milk our goats. We have a 30 x 100 foot greenhouse that will be filled with seasonal vegetables.

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    Fairhope Farm

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    • 10291 Gayfer Road Extension
    • Fairhope, AL 36532


    Fairhope is located in the The Gulf Coast Area of the Beaches Gulf Coast Region
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