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In 1987, Charlotte Webb opened a seafood shop and 12-seat oyster bar called Crawdaddy's. She served raw and baked oysters and fresh shrimp. Twenty-five years and four expansions later, the restaurant boasts a new name, Crawmama's, a menu of 75 items and seating for more than 300 people.

5000 Webb Villa
Guntersville, AL 35976
Hours of Operation
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Famous Dishes


For more than 25 years, Crawmama’s has served some of the best crawfish in Alabama. Whether you enjoy your crawfish boiled, fried, with potatoes or corn, Crawmama’s special recipe is sure to satisfy.

The majority of crawfish harvested in the United States comes from Louisiana, and whole crawfish and crawfish tail meat are found in many popular dishes, especially in the South. Crawfish are full of flavor and relatively inexpensive compared to seafood.

Peak season is early spring through midsummer, but crawfish are available year-round at Crawmama’s. The special recipe is confidential, but co-owner Kathryn Baucom will reveal one secret.

“We add all of our seasonings to the water before it starts boiling and we allow it to boil for about 10 minutes before we add our crawfish to the water,” she says. “Also, we add whole lemons cut in half to our water with the seasonings. We squeeze the lemon in the water and then put the halves into the water during the boil.”