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Bryant Vineyard


This family-owned and operated farm winery produces award-winning table wines from estate-grown scuppernongs, muscadines and French-hybrid grapes. Among selections are Dixie Blush, Dixie Gold, Autumn Blush, and Festive Red.

For more information visit:

Bryant Vineyard
1454 Griffitt Bend Rd.
Talladega, AL 35160
Hours of Operation
  • Open Th-Sat. 10-5 or by appt

Famous Dishes

Muscadine Wine

Southerners who remember sucking on muscadines growing up will love the more sophisticated taste of the fleshy summer fruit in the form of muscadine wine. Although it can be found at vineyards across the state, the muscadine wine at Bryant Vineyard stands out above the rest. Here, wine lovers can find a wide selection of both muscadine and fruit wines that range from dry to sweet. If that’s not convincing enough, keep in mind that muscadines are more beneficial for the heart than most other grapes.