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Bishop's Barbecue


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Bishop's Barbecue
10 LO Bishop Lane
Cherokee, AL 35616
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Famous Dishes

BBQ & Three-n-One Sauce

Bishop's Barbecue has served up its signature hickory-smoked pork to crowds of fans for years, and increased demand even prompted the company to start offering shipping services for their meats. However, the 3 'N' 1 Stuff (Bar-B-Que Sauce) has been the star of Bishop's thanks to an ingenius recipe. The bottle instructs, "Shake me not and I'll be cool. Shake me a little and I'll be gentle. Shake me a lot and I'll get hot." This choose-your-own-adventure sauce is a hit not only for its inventive label, but also for its sweet and slightly tangy flavor. It's great on vegetables and, of course, smoked meat.