Alabama Beer Flight 2: Alabama's Gulf Coast

Big Beach Brewing Company
You’ll know them by: Alabama’s southernmost microbrewery.
A perfect spot for: a relaxing summer evening beneath the trees.
Bring your: Food. BBB-goers often pick up local snacks to munch on while enjoying sips from their locally brewed hops.
Try: Dixie’s Hart Irish Red Ale, a laid-back, easy-drinking pint with rich caramel and toffee flavors and a medium hop bitterness.

Fairhope Brewing,
You’ll know them by: A yellow truck and the disclaimer “legally brewed since 2008:” Good People was one of Alabama’s brewing pioneers.
A perfect spot for: Meeting new friends. The curved bar is a great tool for striking up a new conversation!
Bring your: Yoga mat. Unwind with some evening yoga while savoring a cold brew.
Try: I Drink Therefore I Amber, a smooth, malt-forward beer that has a caramel and toasted flavor

Haint Blue,
You’ll know them by: Their location. Housed in the old Crystal Ice warehouse, the brewery property is separated from the burial place of Joe Cain only by a 19th century brick wall.
A perfect spot for: An ice-cold pint after perusing nearby Pepper Place Saturday Market.
Bring your: Friends. This brewery creates a great atmosphere for sharing stories and reveling in the rich history of Mobile.
Try: Haint Blue IPA, a great beer with a smooth finish.


Coming Soon: Serda Brewing Company,
You’ll know them by: Their beachy, Gulf Coast vibes.
A perfect spot for: Catching live music outdoors or chowing down on local flavor.
Bring your: Appetite. Serda Brewing will have a food truck alley just behind their property to satisfy your munchies.

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