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"A Celebration of Reading"

Historic Site, Monroeville

In 2008, the Monroeville/Monroe County Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Monroeville and Monroe County Commission, embarked on a quest to raise funds to commission a bronze sculpture offering “some tangible evidence of Monroeville as Alabama’s Literary Capital as a permanent presence on Monroeville’s historic courthouse square”. This project was launched with the leadership and encouragement of state tourism director Lee Sentell, who personally witnessed the large number of people of all ages who travel to Monroeville, seeking the “Literary Capital of Alabama” and its due setting on the Southern Literary Trail. “The project provides an opportunity to inspire those who experience it with a love of reading. This is a way for Monroeville to further the goal of raising awareness of the benefits of reading and the lingering life lessons of the message brought to a reader by a good book.”

10th Cavalry "Buffalo Soldier's" Memorial

Historic Site, Huntsville

In 1866, Congress passed legislation establishing two cavalries composed of African-Americans. After Spanish-American War, the 10th U.S. Cavalry was ordered to Camp Forse in Huntsville.

A.G. Gaston Gardens

Historic Site, Birmingham

Formerly the A.G. Gaston Motel, facility provided Birmingham's only first-class lodging for African-Americans and served as gathering place for civil rights leaders in the 1960s.

AVA - American Volkssport Association - "The Monroeville Walk"

Historic Site, Monroeville

Volkswalk (German for "walk of the people") is 6-mi. walk through town's historic neighborhoods and lake area. Walk box located in the front lobby of Monroeville Police Station.

Abbeville Old Pioneer City Cemetery

Historic Site, Abbeville

Enjoy stories of the area's early settlers and prominent families as you walk through history at the Old City Cemetery. Founding fathers, war veterans and others buried here.

Admiral Raphael Semmes House

Historic Site, Mobile

Raphael Semmes became Captain of the CSS, capturing 65 union vessels worth more than $6 million, until it was sunk on June 2, 1864.

African-American Heritage Trail

Historic Site, Mobile

Mobile's African-American Heritage Trail reveals stories of courage and contributions made by unsung heroes from city's ethnically diverse past.

Alabama College of Barber Instruction, Inc.

Historic Site, Birmingham

Founded by Clinton Simpson Sr. as the New Breed Barber Shop, this is the only minority-owned private barber college in the state. Fee for course.

Alabama Firefighter Memorial

Historic Site, Tuscaloosa

Alabama Firefighter Memorial on the campus of the Alabama Fire College

Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind

Historic Site, Talladega

Country's most comprehensive education/rehabilitation program for deaf and blind. Restored Manning Hall (1850), Jemison House (1898) and Grace Hall (1878).

Alabama Judicial Building/Supreme Court & State Law Library

Historic Site, Montgomery

Home of Alabama's appellate courts, Supreme Court Library, Administrative Office of Courts. Learn about Alabama judicial system and building's architectural features.

Alabama National Cemetery (ALNC)

Historic Site, Montevallo

SCALNC supports veterans activities at ALNC

Alabama Penny Savings Bank Building

Historic Site, Birmingham

Founded by William Pettiford in 1890, Alabama Penny Savings Bank was first African-American-owned bank in the state and the second largest black-owned bank in country.

Alabama Southern Community College Literary Courtyard

Historic Site, Monroeville

The literary courtyard features the Monroeville Writers Fountain and serves as a gateway to the John Dennis Forte Library, which houses the Alabama Center for Literary Arts' collection of Nall paintings and other literary artwork.

Alabama State Capitol

Historic Site, Montgomery

Experience more than 150 years of history, art and architecture. Restored chambers, Civil War-era appearance, majestic rotunda. Gift shop.

Alabama Theatre for the Performing Arts

Historic Site, Birmingham

Restored 1927 movie palace. Built by Paramount, now a performing arts center. Houses largest Wurlitzer pipe organ in the South. Advance tickets available on

Alabama Veterans Memorial Park

Historic Site, Birmingham

Salute to all Alabama veterans killed in all wars from 20th and 21st century to present. All U.S. veterans honored in Flag Plaza with purchase of Step Stone marker.

Alabama War Memorial

Historic Site, Montgomery

Shrine dedicated to Alabama veterans.

Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge

Historic Site, Livingston

Built over the Sucarnoochee River in 1861 of hand-hewn heartpine timbers joined with wooden pegs, and later moved to Alamuchee Creek. In 1969 moved to the University of West Alabama campus.

Alley Entertainment District

Historic Site, Montgomery

Explore the New Orleans-style alley that's home to some of Montgomery's unique restaurants, bars and shops.

Altar of the New Testament and Founders Hall, The

Historic Site, Athens

1840s Greek Revival Founders Hall at Athens State University, the state's oldest college. Altar's elegant wood carvings tell story of New Testament.

American Village

Historic Site, Montevallo

The American Village is a unique attraction in the heart of Alabama, situated on 188 acres of rolling pasture and wooded land in Montevallo, about a half hour south of Birmingham. Its architecture is strikingly evocative of iconic early American design.

American Volkssport Association Greenville Walk

Historic Site, Greenville

German for "walk of the people," the six-mi. path goes through Greenville's historic downtown, Pioneer Cemetery and beautiful Confederate Park. Walk box and stamp at chamber office.

Anniston Art Expeditions

Historic Site, Anniston

A photo mural project located throughout Historic Downtown Anniston

Anniston Civil Rights Trail

Historic Site, Anniston

The Anniston Civil Rights Trail recognizes and remembers key events, significant sites and people in the city of Anniston during the American Civil Rights Movement (1954-1968).