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Bluff Park Art Show, 56th Annual

Bluff Park Art Show takes place on the first Saturday in October. Held for more than 50 years, the show has grown from 65 artists to more than 150, and attracts more than 40,000 people annually.

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Old 280 Boogie

APRIL 16 Old 280 Boogie is not your run of the mill music festival. The Standard Deluxe Company where it takes place bills it as a "little bit folk art, little bit rock-n-roll." The Boogies assemble great Southern musical acts and put them on a stage that is built under a shed out in the yard.

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Magic City Art Connection

April 22-24 Magic City Art Connection is Birmingham's largest festival. It transforms Linn Park into a wonderland of excitement with its blast of fresh artistic talent, sights, sounds, tastes, and aromas. The festival spotlights 200 artists. Free admission.

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The Black Belt Folk Roots Festival

AUGUST 27-28 Black Belt Folk Roots Festival is a unique celebration which brings together craft persons, musicians, dancers, storytellers, food specialist, artists and community workers--all of whom are considered bearers of the traditions and folkways of the West Alabama region.

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Kentuck Festival of the Arts

OCTOBER 15-16 Kentuck Festival of the Arts features more than 270 nationally and internally acclaimed folk, visionary and contemporary artists and expert craftspeople presenting their works along with free hands-on art-making activities for children, music, and interactive live demonstrations by basketmakers, blacksmiths, woodworkers, potters, fiber and fabric artists, quilters, jewelers and more.

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50th Annual Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair

NOVEMBER 5 50th Annual Pike Road Arts & Crafts Fair is one of the oldest crafts fairs in Alabama featuring more than 250 artists and craftspeople. Held on the grounds of the historic Marks House.

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