Alabama Makers

Great Bear Wax Company

Great Bear Wax Company produces candles using American-grown soy wax, an all-natural braided cotton wick and high-quality essential and fragrance oils.


Tell us about what you make.
We make hand-poured soy candles.  

Tell us about your background. What brought you to Alabama in the first place? Are you native or a transplant?
I was born in Fairhope, Alabama, where I fell in love with the coast and the arts. I studied at Auburn University. I hope to be in Alabama until the day I die. My father and his father were Alabamians. It’s got its quirks but it’s too close to my heart.

You could make your product/service anywhere. Why do you make things in Alabama?
I sort of hit on it above, but this part of the country is so close to my heart. My family is here and I want to continue sewing into the momentum my family has created over the generations by being Alabamians and being a part of this community and economy.  

What inspires you to make your product/service? Was Alabama behind any of the inspiration for your product/service?
We are mostly inspired by the natural world. I spent the majority of my early 20s camping, hiking, rafting and just being outside. Most of this was in Alabama and the South, but I have been blessed with the opportunity to see most of the country, so I am definitely inspired by everything ranging from the trout at the Sipsey Fork to the sunrise over the Tetons.  

What do you think makes Alabama makers different? 
There is a serious history and a serious soul to “Alabama Makers” that can’t be replicated anywhere but here.  

Which Alabama makers inspire you? 
Loyal Stricklin, Mama Mocha, Amos Kennedy, Scott Peek, Gees Bend Quiltmakers

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