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The Devotional Memory Book – Douglas Baulos Workshop

April 01, 2017 in Huntsville , AL

10:00 AM-4:00 PM



Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by The Devotional Memory Book – Douglas Baulos Workshop
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This class focuses on combining and sewing multiple bindings onto tapes to create a unique sketchbook journal with windowed cover. For beginner and advanced students alike – we will investigate the uses of constructing envelopes and pockets within the journal. The technique of bookbinding will be fused with the concept of memory, observation, collecting and idea generation. Knowledge of this form will allow for a lot of future spontaneous book related processes and spontaneity. Student will learn to sew multiple types of historically important bindings and will also create a guided devotional book in the style of 17 and 18th century psalm books. French herringbone tapes structures will be combined on the spine with Coptic binding styles to create a unique journal. Advanced students will have the option to create a dos a dos form. The class will discuss the symbolism of devotional books and memory gathering and case in the book in a unique way as well as create/workshop how to make experimental clasps for books. Students should bring the following materials if they have it – if not Doug has plenty of extra! Bring various collage papers if in doubt about thickness – bring lots (rice papers, decorative papers, ephemera, any you are willing to use are all great!. Bring a ruler, pencil, awl or pushpin, eraser, tiny bowl and brush for glue, scissors and cutting mat and xacto blade or utility knife, bone folder. Again, if you don’t have a bone folder or awl I have extras. Instructor will also demo needlework effects if you want to bring other types of string, embroidery thread and additional needles. Please bring any other objects you might want to work with! The class is limited to 12 participants and advance registration is required. Supplies are included but participants are welcome to bring additional items. Contact Amy Mayfield, Gallery Coordinator, at with questions.