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Sing Sistah Sing

May 01, 2017 in Tuscaloosa , AL

7:30PM - 9:30PM


Andrea Baker

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Sing Sistah Sing
Video provided by Andrea Baker

Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Task Force presents Internationally renowned mezzo soprano Andrea Baker’s show Sing Sistah Sing! Andrea’s first solo show celebrates the African American female voice and retells their incredible life stories through a mix of storytelling, jazz, blues, opera, art song and gospel. It has already received a rapturous audience response at the International May Festival in Germany and the Edinburgh International Festival fringe in Scotland. 2017 is an exciting year for Sing Sistah Sing! The show will be touring Germany, Scotland and the USA. “Andrea’s voice thundered through the space and made the audience’s hair stand on end. Her voice is delicious”. Andrea is a native of Sudbury MA and now lives in Scotland, near Edinburgh. She began her singing career with San Francisco Opera in 1994. She has travelled the globe performing in a number of the world’s greatest opera houses and concert halls. Like many of the women highlighted in Sing Sistah Sing! Andrea is an artistic trailblazer herself as highlighted in the press release. Full details of her career, including clips and audio can be found on her website http: From the links in the press release you can see a short film presented by Andrea which gives an overview of Sing Sistah Sing! “.. at the heart of the Sing Sistah Sing! story is that all of us, as African American women, carry in our souls and in our voices the sounds of our ancestors’ songs of the plantation”. - Andrea Baker. This phenomenon has been described in the recently discovered essay, The Negro Melodies written in 1908 by the Reverend Dr Thomas Nelson Baker, Andrea’s great grandfather who was himself born into slavery. Andrea recently presented a BBC radio documentary on Frederick Douglass examining the period he spent in Scotland in the 1840s. A story not well known in his native USA. Andrea is joined by award winning Albert Horne on piano. Born in South Africa, Maestro Horne was Chorus Master and Conductor for Cape Town Opera in South Africa. BBC Scotland will be here recording this event which will air telling the story of Tuscaloosa, AL and the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Trail and Alabama's Bicentennial!