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Kristen Ford Concert

January 21, 2017 in Huntsville , AL

8:00 PM-10:00 PM

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Kristen Ford Concert

Alchemy Lounge is excited to host a free show featuring Kristin Ford. Kristen Ford is a one woman looping band. Each Kristen Ford show is a different experience, as this singer-songwriter plays drums, guitar, and layers harmonies and melodic parts on top of each other in real time, using effects pedals. One part woman, one part machine, this looping artist loves live performance. For fans of Modest Mouse, Tegan and Sara and Shakey Graves. This live music event is all ages, free, and open to the public. Alchemy Lounge is located in the North Wing, 2nd Floor, Stairwell 30 inside Lowe Mill A&E. Grab a warm cup drink and enjoy her performance with us. After almost two years on the road, playing over 300 shows across 45 states and four countries, Kristen Ford’s one woman band is more epic than ever. You can check out her latest EP Rend & Render, a dystopian American concept album, Kristen Ford’s indie music fuses folk, reggae, country, and blues with a healthy dose of rock and roll. Her one woman band explores the format of looping vocals and guitar riffs, specifically writing for the sum of her moving parts: loopers, drums, vocals and stringed instruments. Within the constraints of that technology, a stacked and ambient vibe emerges, underpinning Kristen’s ability to be acoustically brooding one moment, explosive and epic the next. The show always promises to be a deliciously unique evening of music, highlighting the musical growth Kristen has experienced over an adventurous couple of years, interacting with diverse audiences across the country and around the world.