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FREE Asha Tea Time

August 24, 2017 in Huntsville , AL

5PM - 6:30PM

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by FREE Asha Tea Time

THIS MONTH: What do you know about Eastern Europe? • Common misconceptions • Flavor and taste of Eastern Europe & former Soviet Union countries • MASLENITSA Spring Festival 2018 in Huntsville Alabama! • Special treats from other countries! #AKAshaTeaTime Thank you to our sponsors Jay I'Konn & Madison ALOHA! AshaKiran, which translates to a "ray of hope" is a non-profit organization that offers free ‘culturally competent’ services in 49+ languages throughout Alabama serving diverse communities. We offer assistance to individuals from multicultural backgrounds that are experiencing crises such as domestic violence & sexual assault. We also include a focus on developmental disabilities.