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Brian Walker Block Party! @ Lowe Mill A&E

August 26, 2017 in Huntsville , AL

12:00 PM-6:00 PM

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Brian Walker Block Party! @ Lowe Mill A&E

Founding GPP Member Brian Walker has been hand-carving relief blocks and printing on shirts for eleven years. To celebrate, he’s going to bring out every block he can find, and he’ll print them onto anything he can! Bring your own t-shirt, tote bag, apron, or other item–pretty much anything flat and fabric, and he’ll print it! Pick any block you like from his collection, and help run the press to print your item on the spot. Brian will also have blank t-shirts and tote bags available to purchase for printing. All blocks will be printed in black ink. Block printing ink takes time to dry, so keep in mind that you will be handling wet ink on your freshly printed items; we will do our best to keep it as clean as possible for transport! Pre-registration is NOT required for this workshop.