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Belle Adair In Concert!

February 04, 2017 in Huntsville , AL

8:00 PM-10:00 PM


Belle Adair

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Belle Adair In Concert!

Tangled String Studios, along with sponsor Downtown Huntsville, Inc., is proud to present Belle Adair in concert. You don’t want to miss experiencing these talented musicians up close and personal in our intimate listening room. Feel free to bring refreshments. Media outlets have all offered glowing praise for the Indie/Pop/Rock/Americana group, Belle Adair. College radio stations across the country have added their hugely successful LP, “The Brave and the Blue” to their rotation. This Florence, AL band is led by songwriter and vocalist/guitarist Matt Green and accompanied by Adam Morrow on guitar, Jonathan Oliphant on keys, Hayden Crawford on bass, and Reed Watson on drums. Press for Belle Adair: “…here in Alabama, there are bands like Belle Adair doing this kind of dreamy sound that has a connection to roots music but isn’t directly derivative…It fits in really nicely with the new South sound.” —NPR Music “Belle Adair’s shifting, ambient music reveals a diversity of influence and an unwillingness to be pigeonholed. Deft navigation between existential grappling and lulling instrumentals is a trademark of the group’s ambition: sophistication without pretension. —The Oxford American “The band’s full-length debut The Brave and the Blue is chilled out, cosmic and expansive, like Sea Change-era Beck or post-Summerteeth Wilco.” —Nashville Scene “The Brave and the Blue glows with a deep, dusky aura. It’s an ambitious collection of genre-straddling tunes” —Spin “The sweetness of Matt Green’s voice carries echoes of Jeff Tweedy. The band, too, are like Wilco when the roots were still showing, with flashes of The Byrds and a note of country sadness.” —Uncut