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Artist Talk: Randy Gachet

January 07, 2017 in Huntsville , AL

5:00 PM-6:00 PM



Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Artist Talk: Randy Gachet

Lowe Mill A&E’s Artist Talk program provides an informal, intimate setting for artists, art lovers and patrons to spend time with Lowe Mill exhibiting artists. These events consist of a gallery walk with the artist, during which visitors can ask questions and learn about process and ideas behind the work, as well as time for less-structured interaction with the artist. Refreshments will be served. This edition of Artist Talk features Randy Gachet, the Birmingham-based artist behind our North Floor Gallery exhibition “Syzygy.” From the artist: My work involves reclamation and transformation. The sculptures and installations I’ve produced in the recent past, constructed with reclaimed tire, concrete fragments, welded steel and wire, have assumed the form of whirling funnel clouds and wall-like expanses of strata attended by crows. Migrating groups of dome-like forms suggest turtle shells that hover slightly off walls and floors. Profusions of decaying sunflowers cascade from a dubious horn of plenty. All suggest the return of the industrial materials to nature. My more recent work adopts improvisational visual experimentation as a means to find form and content. These new works are constructed from an expanded array of mundane objects and materials casually discovered along roadsides, construction sites, parking lots, big box retail complexes and other sources readily at hand in the “sprawl”. The resulting structures are realized through chance operations and processes that are informed by the materials themselves. Embracing non-intentional ways of making art liberates me from the predicament of making work to serve narrative commentaries or to construct meaning. Playful irreverence, provinciality and instability offer me a way to negotiate between the material and spiritual in my work. While resisting easy accessibility the work’s existence invites the viewer’s response.