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Ahn Trio

March 05, 2017 in Birmingham , AL



Ahn Trio Sunday, March 5, 2016

Unless otherwise stated, photo provided by Ahn Trio

Hailed as "exacting and exciting musicians" by the LA Times, the three sisters of the Ahn Trio (Lucia on the piano, Angella on the violin, and Maria on the cello) have earned a distinguished reputation for embracing 21st century classical music with their unique style and innovative collaborations. >> Maria, Lucia and Angella thrive on dissolving the barriers between art forms. They have fused their work with a range of artists and musical genres, from dancers and lighting designers to DJ's. >> You may recognize them for their features in in ad campaigns for GAP, Anne Klein and the Body Shop, among others. They have been named three of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People and most recently made an appearance in Glamour Magazine.