Alabama Road Trips

It’s time to take a road trip! These carefully crafted trips were designed by the people who know Alabama best – and with the whole family in mind, which means we’ve got something for just about everyone. So, which one are you gonna take?

See & Sip at Alabama’s Wineries

Alabama Road Trip No. 66

See & Sip at Alabama’s Wineries

Keeping step with Alabama’s burgeoning craft beer industry and award-winning restaurants, vineyards around the state are producing homegrown vintages with distinctive flavors. The state currently boasts 14 vineyards and wineries, most of which rely on Alabama’s only native grape, the muscadine.

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Which one are you gonna take?

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Alabama Road Trips

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Road Trip No. 75 Road Tripping with the Kids in Alabama’s Capital City

When it comes to spring break and summer vacation, kids are always up for an adventure. And what better place to give them some adventure than in Alabama’s capital city. From the Alabama Cattlemen’s MOOseum and the Museum of Alabama to the Rosa Parks Museum and the Planetarium, Montgomery offers an abundance of things to see and do with children.

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Road Trip No. 68 Over the Railroad and Through the Woods: A Historic Christmas in East Alabama

Christmastime in Alabama is truly an enjoyable experience, with many cities hosting parades, plays, garden tours and other special events throughout the holiday season. This is certainly true for the Auburn-Opelika area in East Alabama.

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Road Trip No. 12 Childersburg and Sylacauga: Family Fun

Take your family to explore a cave that’s 12 stories deep. Eleven miles away, amaze them as your car rolls uphill, seemly defying the law of gravity.

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