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Historic Site

Historic Coffee Courthouse

Historic Site

The Gov. James E. (Big Jim) Folsom Birthplace is designated as a historic landmark by the State of Alabama. Folsom, a resident of Elba, Coffee County, served as the 45th and 47th Governor of Alabama. He lived in the home from 1908 to 1910.


The Pea River is 154 miles of natural adventure. Ecotourism enthusiasts enjoy fresh air and fresh water, a sanctuary for fish, birds, turtles and alligators.

Historic Site

The historical Old Coffee County Jail was built nearly a century-ago. The Old Coffee County Jail in Elba has seen its fair share of tragedy.

Historic Site

Honoring veterans of all five armed services branches. 40-ft.-diameter five-point star, five walking lanes. Huey helicopter display. M101A1 Towed Howitzer.